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Chinehwa as one private company in China, is focusing on projects supply and service for top international companies in the world related with Chemical & Petrochemical industry, Power Industry, Metallurgical Industry and so on, specializing on in designing & manufacturing of Power Plant equipment, Petrochemical Industry equipment and Metallurgical Industry equipment etc..Chinewa has built a stable, long term cooperation relationship with many top multinational companies and engineering companies. Meanwhile, Chinehwa has also set up a perfect sub-suppliers network in China. Chinehwa consists of two companies, one is Shanghai Chinehwa Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the other is Jiangsu Chinehwa Energy & Chemical Industry Equipment Co., Ltd..

Shanghai Chinehwa, as the headquarter, was established in Shanghai since 1996. The main function of Shanghai Chinehwa is as below:
Assets and financial management; Human Resource management; Sales management; Project control

Jiangsu Chinehwa, as the manufacturing base of Chinehwa, was established in Baoying Jiangsu Province in 2006. The main function of Jiangsu Chinehwa is sales, project execution, fabrication and so on.


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